Big announcement by EPFO dsc registration approval process online

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EPFO Introduce new function, on 29.05.21 in the Employer unified portal enabling the employer to upload the scanned copy of signed letter (PDF less than 500kb) through their login itself. Once uploaded It will be verified and approved by APFC (Accounts) in unified portal office login.

Please follow below mention instructions for DSC/e-Sign Signatory

Registration/Revoke and the File Upload process:

1. Register the DSC/e-Sign in the appropriate fields.

2. Download the DSC/e-Sign Request/Revoke Letter copy.

3. Print the DSC/e-Sign Request/Revoke Letter copy on the letter head of the establishment and sign it properly.

4. Scan the letter in PDF format (size of document is less than 500 kb and in a single page only) and upload it by clicking the upload button.